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Which recycled plastic particles can be imported directly?

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Recently on the import of recycled plastic granules of things, Guangdong, Qingdao, Dalian and other ports of frequent story. In the end, how to determine the regenerated plastic particles in different states is solid waste or general commodity, and many friends are not very clear about the requirements of the relevant rules.
1, what is the "three unified"?
The General Administration of customs supervision department in May 30, 2014 to send express files to Guangdong branch and all the customs, on the problem of black particles renewable imports are specified as follows:
The primary form of recycled plastic particles made from waste plastics can not be regulated according to solid waste, if they are in the same color as the batch of imported goods, the size and shape of the particles are consistent, the packaging is consistent, and the relevant specifications and standards of plastic materials or products are met.
Recycled plastic granules suspected of solid waste shall be found in the regulatory process, waste identification mechanism of goods identification, supervision according to the identification results.
Note: three a unified, according to a package, can not in accordance with a container.
2, the industry concentration of reaction
1. color, mixed color (pictured below):