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How much is a large injection machine?

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How much is a large injection machine? As for the answer to this question, let's first understand the price proposal of injection molding machine. In addition, we collected some large injection molding machine price range for your reference. In the injection molding machine industry, the quotation of injection molding machine is mainly divided into standard machine and additional configuration machine. Standard configuration machine is the most basic injection molding machine, its standard configuration, standard injection plan. And adding configuration machine can also be called a refitting machine or custom machine. This kind of machine is usually customized in various aspects, such as the customer's product size, production requirements, efficiency requirements, energy saving requirements and so on. It is installed on the basis of standard configuration machine. It is much more expensive to modify the configuration machine on the price than the standard configuration machine. The main reason is the cost of accessories.
Market price of large injection molding machine
Large injection molding machines are divided into vertical injection molding machine and horizontal injection machine, C type machine. Large injection molding machines are generally classified as large injection molding machines with large shape size, large clamping force and large ejection quantity. The different types of machines also make their price difference very large.